Message from Director

Dear Customers,

We have always seen Brazing as our passion, Hence we could serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction.

My father who was a metallurgist, taught me well by taking me to various factories from young age & I did follow him academically as well as practically, since my age of 6, hence you can say brazing has been part of my blood.

We do all activities involved with relation to brazing and soldering,

  • We manufacture nearly 170 types of Brazing & Soldering Alloys in form of Rods, wires, rings, powders & paste.
  • We manufacture almost all types of Brazing & Soldering Fluxes to suit alloys made by us or available in Market, in the form of liquid fluxes, paste & powder fluxes , Gas fluxes etc. Our specialization is in Silver & Brass fluxes, Gas fluxes & some aluminum fluxes. Soldering fluxes.
  • We conduct theoretical & Practical workshops for Brazing operators, supervisors, and service personnel. We also help in certify these operators as per current norms.
  • We help to analyze & solve problems occurring in field as field failures, support & suggest better designs for making brazing or soldering strong & long lasting.
  • We also suggest or provide equipments, accessories required for brazing which are not commonly available, like Special glasses, Liquid fluxing cylinders, Hydro Torch, fire proof chemicals or pads, nozzle cleaning solutions, anti spatter pastes, anti corrosive paints etc, etc..
  • We also develop brazing rings especially for automobile industry, motor industry like short circuit brazing ring, rings for induction brazing etc.
  • We have developed Brazing alloys in Powder form, this is for the first time in India & these powders can be used in various applications, like oven brazing, or in electrical butt brazing etc for excellent conductivity & connectivity, strength.

Since Brazing and soldering is our passion, we seek continuous development in this field & offer our customers new products, new technology, which intern gives a great savings as well as better product design & development.

So..We are at your service in JOINING TECHNOLOGY…let’s join our efforts together to make world a better place to live..

With warm regards,

Sumant Mathure
M.Phil.(Metallurgy)(U.K.), M.I.I.M, M.I.I.W
Brazing & Continuous Casting consultant.
ZED impanelled consultant by Quality Council of India (QCI)
LEAN impanelled consultant by Quality Council of India (QCI).