About Us

CEO. Mr. Hemant Mathure, after doing his M.Sc in physical chemistry from Institute of Science joined India Government Mint as a physical Chemist for the Development work on precious metals like Gold, Silver etc. He went to London on Scholarship to do Metallurgy. From 1963 he started working on Brazing Alloys & by 1967 established himself as a renowned researcher in the field of Brazing & Welding Technologies. He has published many papers during those times on the topic of Brazing.

In 1972, he established manufacturing unit called, “MATHURE METAL WORKS”, which was producing brazing & Soldering Fluxes. As the Company grew, it started manufacturing Welding Electrodes, Brazing Alloys & Soldering Alloys.

In 1991, His son Mr. Sumant Mathure, joined his company, after taking his M.Phil. Degree in Metallurgy, specializing in Diffusion of precious metals like silver, gold , core requirement of Brazing Metallurgy, from “Dundee Institute of Technology”, Dundee, Scotland, U.K. The Mathure Group expanded, as Mathure Metal Works became, private limited concern & with new addition of company for fluxes “MATHURE FLUXES”, where new products were born, which were “NON-CFC” compatible during that time, for Green Earth – ECO Friendly products, this was unheard in India & Whirlpool, Godrej followed by LG were amongst the first to use this products for their R134a – Non CFC Refrigerants.

Today Mathure Group has many new Innovative products like multifold & single fold rings, Flux coated rods, Flux core rods, Gas fluxing units, R134a compatible Brazing alloys & fluxes, RoHS compliant Brazing fluxes & alloys, Solder alloy melting below boiling temp of water (Alloy melting at 75C), Brazing alloys POWDERs & PASTEs etc.

We also offer various Brazing / Soldering Alloys & Fluxes along with consultants & training to brazer, Certification & alloy / joint designing for the benefit of customers. We also deal in HYDRO TORCH, “JALAGNI” a very economical to use, user friendly, with NO Pollution, no requirements of fossil fuel etc..

As it is said, “People are known by the Company they keep,” we are known by the clients of ours & our major clients are Whirlpool, LG, Godrej, Tecumseh, Videocon, Sandvik Asia, Philips, Bharat Bijli, Voltas, Blue Star, Carrier, kirloskars, Emerson, Tata, Mahindra, Maruti - Suzuki, Bajaj, & Government organizations like Central Railway, Western Railway, BARC etc.